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How To Watch Your Favorite Shows While Traveling Abroad

Have you ever tried logging into Prime video on vacation only to find out that you are "traveling" and the content is not "available in your area"?  This has happened to me more times than I can count.  But not anymore, thanks to Surfshark VPN.  I've tried other VPNs before but I get much more success and satisfaction using Surfshark.  It works 100% of the time  and I have not missed my favorite programs since I've started using it.  

Why use a VPN?  Here are just some of the benefits:

This last bullet point was the main reason I subscribed to Surfshark using the 2 year plan that included 2 bonus months.  That not only saves me money, but it gives me peace of mind.  

You can also access Surfshark on all your devices and get the same quality service and added protection of a virtual network.  

I highly recommend purchasing Surfshark VPN before you travel.  You're sure to enjoy logging in to Netflix and chill both during and after your vacation!

Grow Your Team Remotely  

Building a global team? Join Deel to hire in 150 countries in minutes without worrying about local laws, opening a new entity, or managing international payroll.

Hire the best talent in 150 Countrie in minutes without worrying about compliance, payroll, or HR admin.  It’s a world-class experience for your business and entire international team.  

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Why you should travel with a Carbon Monoxide Detector 

Recently, on miles and coffee You Tube channel, I discussed the horrific incident that cost the lives of 2 Americans visiting a luxury hotel in Mexico.  In the post, I reported that the cause of death was inhalation of carbon monoxide.  There were no carbon monoxide detectors at this luxury brand.   This is often a problem that can be avoided by simply taking a small carbon monoxide detector with you --wherever you choose to travel.  

Christmas in July

In a recent post, I shared how I use packing cubes and under-the-seat luggage to avoid checking luggage and paying those exorbitant baggage fees.  We’ve all seen the nightmare scenarios of people losing their bags at the airport when their bags are either left behind or flown on a flight ahead of their arrival.  This can be frustrating and frightening.  

In case you missed it, I am reposting the video where I share how I pack “carry-on only.”  It’s a strategy that works for me and I’ll bet it will work for you if you enjoy packing light and stick to a minimalist approach to traveling.  

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you to take  advantage of Prime Day, going on from now through July 12th.  You can get special deals on travel essentials, electronics, and back to school supplies during Prime Day.   

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