Why I Chose La Paz

#3 Beautiful Beaches

One of the reasons I chose La Paz is because of its beautiful beaches!  During my RV life, I discovered that I do not need THINGS--I need beautiful surroundings.  Being surrounded by beauty is important for a healthy work-life balance, and for me, La Paz fills the bill!

I enjoy waking up every morning to a brilliant sunshine and the sound of birds chirping right outside my window.  I love morning walks along the bay of California on the Malecon.  Usually people are riding bikes, jogging, or walking their dogs.  The fresh air from the sea is refreshing and the sunshine is food for the soul. 

In the afternoon, it tends to warm up in the in La Paz so it's customary for people to take evening walks as well.  Tourists and locals alike enjoy going out for a leisurely stroll to catch a cool breeze, sip a cool drink, or enjoy ice cream.  The main attraction every evening is the La Pa sunset.  Be sure to look up just after sunset to see the most spectacular array of colors reflected in the clouds.  It is a breathtaking sight that never gets old!  

Before moving to La Paz, I'd seen photos and videos of the Sea of Cortes, but nothing prepares for the experience of seeing it in person.  The color and clarity of the sea is gorgeous!

#2 Best for Digital Nomads

The second reason I chose La Paz is for access to good internet.  For those of us who rely on WI-FI to work each day, La Paz is a God- send!  

My apartment has reliable fiber-optic internet.  It is included in the monthly rent.  It is important to inquire about this when you choose your living accommodations whether it is at a hotel, an Airbnb, home, or rental.  

La Paz is the capital city of Baja California Sur, and as such, it boasts a decent infrastructure that includes free internet as trendy cafes around the city.  The better cafes will offer free WI-FI to encourage you to sit and work while you enjoy their coffees and treats.

Here is a list of the most popular cafes that offer free internet in La Paz.   

I highly recommend Doce Cuarenta Coffee & Bakery but if they are busy be sure to walk across the street to Nomada Organics Cafe.  Also check out Cafe Matatena and Lola's Bistro & Cafe-- all of them are in Centro.  

Lola's is a new cafe in Centro worth noting for it's French decor, french pastries, and vintage detail.  You get  upscale service without paying exorbitant prices.   The owners are friendly and welcome vloggers!  

#1 Beautiful People 

My number one reason for moving to La Paz is its people.  The People of La Paz are warm and welcoming.  They want you to enjoy their climate, customs, and traditions.  People smile and mean it when they say "Que tal? Buenos días."  The locals says "Good Morning" or " Good Afternoon" whether they know you or not.  It is the custom.  

While visiting the local artists in Central Park, one artist gave me a painting I admired.  It was a humbling and unforgettable moment.  But it is one in many.  I am often approached by helpful locals at the grocery store who are eager to point out which locally grown fruits and vegetables are in season. 

I recently met a lady who said hello and complimented me on my natural hair.  We struck up a conversation as she tried to explain why people in La Paz are so friendly.  She said "People here have a collective consciousness. We want to help you."  She is right.  People here are gracious and kind.   

One day as I was crossing the street, I was surprised by a local policeman on motorcycle.  I was expecting to be scolded by him for jaywalking.  Instead, he stopped his motorcycle, tipped his hat, and gestured with his hand for me to pass as he said "Buen dia" and kindly bowed.  I was stunned.  That small gesture made my day.  It touched me deeply.  I almost cried.  

My neighbor summed it all up for me as he observed me sipping a cup of coffee one morning.  After we exchanged greetings he smiled and said,  "La Paz is paradise."    

   I couldn't agree more!   

Image credit: google. 

Viri, owner of Lola's Bistro Cafe, in Centro

Interested in moving to Mexico?                                                                                                                                                                                                            There are many great places to consider, namely the low cost of living and high quality of life.  This podcast is an overview of the cost of living in Mexico.